Case Studies

Use Cases

99.97% Reduction In Wasted Logistics For A Container Tracking System

A consumer packaged goods distribution company asked us to develop a solution that reduces the time shipping containers are in the possession of the company, below the point where they are being charged penalty fees.

We mapped the process and found that there were significant delays in the data transcription from shipping manifests and paper documents. We developed a solution on a Computer Vision/Machine Learning platform to read information from the documents and populate the distribution database, to eliminate the time spent on transcription from two hours, (over two weeks) per shipment to twelve seconds.

We provided talent for the project with the following skillsets: Google Tesseract, MongoDB, VMWare (for virtualisation of the software environment) and ReactJS.

Accelerated the launch of website for Telecom sales company

The client had need for an online platform to supplement dealer operations for mobile phone products. Hacker Hostel was brought in to significantly reduce the time of implementation.

We took a project that was on book for two years and designed and implemented a web based Javascript-intensive solution in 3 months. We have subsequently produced other solutions surrounding dealer operations for the company.

Used NodeJS to create a scheduling app for Students with autism

A company out of Canada asked us to work with them on the scheduling component of an app to help Learning Specialists work with kids with autism. We identified proposed and integrated an open source NodeJS application that utilised artificial intelligence to dynamically create and adjust appointments.

Provided customization for a sales platform for local distributor

A Jamaican distributor was looking for a developer to work on configuring his Sales Platform to match his brand, we provided a Web Developer out of Trinidad & Tobago to help in completing this project. The distributor continues to refer to Hacker Hostel for his continued technical support.

Implemented JavaScript that produced interactive motion for Animation Studio Website is the website for a Jamaican animation studio. We provided a JavaScript developer to work on the animation sequences on their website.

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