A forum on Scalable Technologies applicable in the Caribbean

CRU Bar, 71 Lady Musgrave Road, Dec. 6, 2018

Hacker Hostel will be hosting Amazon's We Build Tech team in Kingston, Jamaica to discuss scalable technologies for companies based in emerging markets like Jamaica.


Hacker Hostel Limited is an IT consulting firm that invites software professionals to teach what they know to Caribbean communities in the most immersive experience available. We teach from our experience and tackle real market driven problems with Caribbean software engineering graduates and aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

Who should attend?

We are inviting stakeholders from growth stage companies in Jamaica to hear about how we would solve problems that they are facing. We are looking for problems that can be scoped and mapped over the next six months. We will use these problems to illustrate how AWS infrastructure could be used to implement solutions to these problems.

Why should you attend?

You should attend;

- If you are a team member in a growth stage company looking to solve a problem within your organization that is hindering you from meeting your internal targets and you think these problems can be solved using custom software solutions

- If you are a team member in a department of a mature stage company that is charged with innovation or finding innovative solutions to critical problems facing your organization

- If you are a student doing a degree in Math, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering or Chemistry and have a background in applying engineering principles to solve problems

To RSVP Please email

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