Case Studies

99.97% Reduction In Wasted Logistics For A Container Tracking System

A consumer packaged goods distribution company asked us to develop a solution that reduces the time shipping containers are in the possession of the company, below the point where they are being charged penalty fees.

We mapped the process and found that there were significant delays in the data transcription from shipping manifests and paper documents. We developed a solution on a Computer Vision/Machine Learning platform to read information from the documents and populate the distribution database, to eliminate the time spent on transcription from two hours, (over two weeks) per shipment to twelve seconds.

This also avoided penalty costs for missing deadlines, for returning containers. Technologies applied: Python Libraries for Google Tesseract, MongoDB, VMWare (for virtualization of the software environment) and ReactJS.

Reduction of human error by 90% via Promotions Management Tool

A retail food distribution company used emails and spreadsheets to manage over ten thousand promotions per year. The manual entry management system frequently had human errors, accountability and capacity issues so we developed an app that mapped their process to a dashboard.

The new real-time collaborative project management dashboard allowed their team to see how promotions were performing in real-time and reduced the costs of errors in logistics by 90%

Services were written in NodeJS that automated the creation of new promotions in Trello and interfaced with the legacy infrastructure for availability of inventory and company resources. Technologies applied: Trello API, NodeJS, Firebase, Microsoft Web Services, MySQL

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