Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get the most. In conjunction with with sending us an email, you can read through this section to learn more about Hacker Hostel and what our program entails. We strongly advise attendees, parents, and University personnel with more questions to send us an email or call us directly if questions you have are not addressed here and we will happily add that topic for future reference

Do attendees pay to participate?

The participants only have to cover their expenses.  Everyone has to handle their travel arrangements independently of us. We do have recommendations if asked but we do not charge a fee to participate in the program.

Do attendees get paid to participate?

We do currently offer a small stipend for participation. We use Hacker Hostel as a means to test the capabilities of our participants for the four weeks that they are with us. At the end of the program we offer full-time employment opportunities to participants who performed satisfactorily.

Do mentors pay to participate?

We do handle accommodations, food, and transportation for our mentors on the ground. In some cases we do cover airfare as well, We are able to do this as we work with the companies our mentors are employed at full-time to donate funds to accommodate their employee's attendance. We have the companies donate through non-profits who we are affiliated with who then sponsor our mentors and some of our qualifying attendees.

Is Jamaica Safe?

While there are reasonable security concerns around the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica, as a whole, remains a wonderful country to explore on the weekends. Ocho Rios, St. Mary, Negril, Treasure Beach, and The Lime Cays remain some of Jamaica's best attractions and are freely available for all participants to experience safely.

What costs are associated with participation?

We do not charge any fees for participation as acceptance is purely merit-based. The associated costs that a participant has to bear in mind is as follows






We do have recommendations on each island for participants if the information is needed. 

What's the average recommended budget for an attendee?

We crunched the numbers and this is what the breakdown looks like on average

Accommodations - $1500 (Could be less depending on the Airbnb the participants choose . We encourage students coming from the same university to bunk together)

Food- $900

Entertainment - $500

Miscellaneous - $100

This is the general budget we advise, of course you can trim and add to it as you please but this budget gives each participant wiggle room.