Hacker Hostel Info Session

NPM Inc, Downtown Oakland, Sept. 18, 2018

Hacker Hostel will be hosting an information session at the offices of NPM Inc. 1999 Harrison St, Ste 1150, Oakland, CA 94612, at 6:30PM September 18, 2018

Hacker Hostel is a programme that invites software professionals to teach what they know to Caribbean communities in the most immersive experience available. We teach from our experience and tackle real market driven problems with Caribbean software engineering graduates and aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

The outcome is a self sustaining community that can offer remote support and innovation to US Tech Companies while reversing the brain drain from the Caribbean for tech jobs. A select group of experienced engineers will be invited to a Caribbean island for two weeks to deliver a curriculum and be taken on excursions in the island and meet and mingle with the locals.

Winston Wilkins, a co-founder, and Sarang Ratanjee, a participating mentor in the programme, will be speaking about their experience with Hacker Hostel and answering questions from the audience.

We hope to get commitments from the audience for mentoring at upcoming Hacker Hostels or contributing to our non-profit in time for the 2019 Q1 season of activities.

Who Should come?
If you are a member of the Caribbean Diaspora, and/or are involved in tech in the Bay Area and want to see the Caribbean grow to a point where it is a great place to live, through knowledge of technology and innovation, then you should come out on Tuesday September 18th!